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Bragg'N Wear  Sayings

  • 3 Barrels, 2 Hearts, 1 Dream
  • Attitude and Speed Are All You Need
  • Bad Ass Horse – Run Your Horse, Not Your Mouth
  • Barrel Racing Bad Ass
  • Barrel Racing Brat
  • Barrel Racer, Cowboy Chaser
  • Barrel Racer, Cowgirl Chaser
  • Barrel Poem
  • Barrel Racer Silhouette
  • Boots & Bling, It’s a Cowgirl Thing
  • Caution, Gymkhana Mom - - Prone to Sudden Outburst !!
  • Caution, Horse Show Mom - - Prone to Sudden Outburst !!
  • Caution, Rodeo Mom - - Prone to Sudden Outburst !!
  • Caution … Gymkhana Dad (Prone to be Broke!)
  • Caution … Gymkhana Husband (Prone to be Broke!)
  • Cowgirl Tuff
  • Cowgirl Up
  • Cowgirl from the Inside Out, Barrel Racer Without a Doubt
  • Crazy Gymkhana Girl
  • Does this Pony/Horse Make My Butt Look Fast ??
  • Don’t Flatter Yourself Cowboy, I was Lookin’ at Your Truck
  • Don’t Stop Kickin Till the Clock Stops Tickin
  • Eat My Dirt
  • Forget Glass Slippers, This Princess Wears Spurs/Boots
  • Hide Your Crazy, Ride Like a Lady
  • Horses that Changed my Life …
  • If You Like 2nd Place, Follow Me
  • If  You Aint Makin Dirt, You’re Eatting it
  • I’m not really a Bitch, I just play one in your world!!
  • In Memory of (horse’s name) – (date of birth to date of passing)
  • I’ve Got 2 Words for You, COWGIRL UP!!
  • It’s a Speed Thing, You Wouldn’t Understand
  • It’s Not About You, It’s About ME
  • Just Rock it, Don’t Knock it
  • Kickin Up Dirt
  • Kneeling Man w/Cross
  • Life is WAY too Short for Ugly Cowboys and Slow Horses
  • My Pony Eats Horses for Breakfast
  • My Wife/Kids ride(s) Gymkhana/CGA/CSHA and I Pay For It!!
  • Need for Speed
  • Poles Aren’t Just for Dancing
  • Put Your Big Girl Panties on and Ride
  • Real Princess Don’t Kiss Toads
  • Ride it Like You Stole It
  • Riding on Faith
  • Shut Up and Ride
  • Silly Boys, Trucks are for Cowgirls
  • Sit Down, Shut Up and Hang On
  • Sit Down, Shut Up and Ride
  • There is Only One Rule, There is NO Speed Limit
  • Turn & Burn
  • Turn’n & Burn’n Mom & Dad’s Money
  • You Wish You Could Ride Like a Girl
  • Warning  - - The Surgeon General Never Said Nothin About Smokin the Competition
  • Weave Em and Leave Em
  • Why Should All Barrel Racers be Cremated?  The Ground is Never Good Enough !!

Miscellaneous Sayings

  • Just Hang On (w/Bull rider)
  • Don’t Just Ride, Slide (Reining horse)
  • Just Get Over It (Jumping horse)
  • Rope This (Team Ropers)

Endurance Sayings

  • I’m so far behind I thought I was in first place !
  • LD = Luxury Distance
  • To finish is to win
  • I can rest when I’m dead
  • If you’re not making dust, you’re eattin’ it
  • Ride it like you stole it

(Updated July 14, 2014)



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